No, according to the legislation of Ukraine surrogate mother cannot be genetically related to the baby she is carrying for Intended Parents. In case Intended Parents need donor eggs as part of their surrogacy program, an egg donor should be chosen. Surrogate mother cannot be egg donor for your program at the same time.

In order to be sure of the validity of the documents and compliance with all laws better to turn to a professional lawyer. After the birth of a child the standard procedure of registration of civil status act will be held – the obtaining of a birth certificate. The surrogate mother signs a notary special application form, agrees on the fact that she has no objection to the recording child's genetic parents as parents. For the getting of birth certificate, our lawyers collect the necessary documents and accompany the genetic parents in the body of civil registration (it is necessarily personal presence in the registry office of both parents).

All potential donors and surrogate mothers undergo gynecological and therapists examination and pass the necessary tests.

The main criteria of selection:

- Good physical and mental health;

- Performance tests are normal;

- The absence of contraindications to programs donation and / or surrogacy;

- Have at least one healthy child born in a natural way.

No, according to the Ukrainian legislation (in particular Article 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine) surrogate mother does not have any parental rights for the baby carried and born for the Intended Parents.

It is totally individual and depends not only on surrogate mother’s capacity and state of health, but also on quality of biological materials. In average you might need 1-3 attempts.

Ladies who smoke, take drugs or consume alcohol are not accepted into any program related to reproductive medicine. As extra measure, all surrogate mothers sign contract that strictly regulates their behavior. It is also envisaged in the contract that surrogate mother will be subject to fines if she violates any paragraph of her contract with Intended Parents, including possible cancellation of contract.

You will need to come at the very beginning of your program to donate biological materials. And later you will need to come several weeks before the baby is born and then stay until we help you receive all documents to take your baby home (usually about 3 weeks).