Surrogate programs are widely practiced for Ukrainian citizens as well as for citizens of other countries. Ukrainian legislation allows surrogacy on a commercial basis. This program consists of the preparation and IVF procedure with donor oocytes and embryo transfer into the surrogate mother s uterus in one of our partner clinics.

The package includes:  

-  Choosing Egg Donor and Surrogate Mother from our database;

-  Cost of fresh medical tests for Egg Donor and Surrogate Mother;

-  All medical consultations for male patient as well as all fresh medical tests;

-  Egg pick-up, fertilization of eggs and cultivation of embryos in our partner clinic; 

-  Final compensation for Egg Donor;

-  1 Embryos transfer attempt to Surrogate Mother;

-  Pregnancy care;

-  Hospital fees;

-  Monthly payments and all compensations for Surrogate Mother;

-  Legal fees.